Amadeus Ashworthy(to dustworthy)

A musical comedian Halfling


Here’s some of the meta information:

Strength: 12
Int: 14
Dex: 17
Wis: 13
Con: 15
Char: 17

Armor class currently with leather armor: 14
HP: 10

He’s got a rapier and dagger that I don’t know the stats of.

He’s got a mandolin and ocarina. Sterling can’t find his ocarina so Amadeus won’t be playing it for awhile.


Amadeus Ashworthy is a 20 year old Lightfoot Halfling Bard, older brother to Ian Ashworthy. Amadeus grew up with his parents, living a good life traveling around Mastera and always being drawn by the sounds of music wherever they traveled. Amadeus’ parents always loved magic and occasionally would perform small spells around Amadeus, mesmerizing him.

When Amadeus was 3 years old, his parents got him an Ocarina, which he immediately started to love. He was always playing it, and still has it to this day. It is currently with his parents. After that, his parents started to teach them what they knew about the piano whenever they were in an area that had one. Amadeus quickly picked up on what they taught him and expanded it, quickly becoming a musical prodigy.

It was around this time, at about 5 years old, that he started to develop his sense of humor. He would always try to make jokes and occasionally attempt to write songs that he thought were funny. It wasn’t until he was 7 that he came across a Mandolin. He thought the mandolin was one of the coolest instruments he’d ever seen, and before long realized that while playing the mandolin, he could cast spells with it.

Amadeus decided to mix his love of music and magic and become a Bard, traveling around entertaining folk around Mastera with a combination of funny or beautiful music and a nice, theatrical magic show to go along with it. Using this, Amadeus has started to dabble in playwriting, and is attempting to write a play that combines drama with music.

When Ian was born, Amadeus stuck with his parents for a little while longer, but eventually went off on his own, and is back now to travel with Ian to make sure he remains safe, to try and revolutionize the music world by creating a combo piano and guitar, and to try and learn and experience as much as possible for his dramatic works.

Amadeus Ashworthy(to dustworthy)

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